Monday, March 11, 2013

Getting Out

Cruise ship day. Neighbour C and I went uptown to the cruise ship markets and wandered around. She was on a mission to get something for her granddaughter. I went to keep her company and to get out of the house. She found what she was looking for and I picked up a bottle of Xtabentun, my favourite sipping liquer.

The vendor must have thought I was a cruiser because he pulled out some newspaper to wrap around the bottle before putting it into the plastic bag. I told him I lived here and that just the bag was fine. En espanol. Every time I come south, I get an extra dose of motivation to continue with my studies. Being able to speak even a little bit has enhanced my experiences here.

Later this afternoon, Sr B and I walked up the road a ways to see the house that neighbours D and V have purchased. It's small but very quaint. They showed us the plans for the changes they want to make. They're keeping the footprint of the house, just making a few changes inside as well as to the yard. I think it's going to be absolutely charming when it's done.

The wind was from the south most of the day which means hot. The wind has been quite cool lately, so the heat this morning felt really good for my old, creaky joints. Just the same, the change in direction later in the day was refreshing.

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