Thursday, March 14, 2013

Go Us!

When we were uptown yesterday morning, we met up with another couple from the complex and told them about our washing machine being on the fritz and that we were trying to find someone to repair it. The husband told us about a place he had seen on C 35 that had washers on the sidewalk. He hadn't used them so he couldn't vouch for the quality of their service. We decided to give them a try so off we went in search of them.

They were exactly where he said they were. C 35 between 78 and 80. We stepped inside and the adventure began. Nobody there spoke any English. But, " Mi lavadora. Agua caliente, si. Agua fria, no," was understood. In extremely broken Spanish, I was able to ask if they could come to the condo to take a look at it. Yes, they could. At 3:00 that afternoon. Please write our name and address on this paper.

Then the boss asks me, "Que marque?" (I think that's the right spelling. I can't find it in my dictionary) It took me a couple of minutes to figure out what marque meant. Finally the light bulb went on. I told Sr B that the boss had asked what brand/make it was and let Sr B tell him. Through reading many blogs, I've learned that Mexican men prefer to deal with men instead of women so I try to involve Sr B as much as possible.

I had forgotten to tell them that we lived on the back side of the complex so, a little before 3, we go out to the landing to watch for them in case they drive around back, as most service people do when they're trying to figure out how to get in. At 3:45, we give up and go inside. At 4:15, the groundskeeper comes to our door with two guys. Ah, only an hour later than they had said. According to life in Mexico, they were right on

They fixed the problem and did a little bit of maintenance on some other areas, as well. About 45 minutes of their time cost us 250 pesos. We'll definitely use them again and suggest them to others.

I was so proud of us for getting this done, completely in Spanish. Go us!


  1. Way to go.
    I imagine he was asking you, "que marca" what brand, which you figured out very well apparently.
    Good job.

  2. Ah, marca makes more sense. Thanks, Brenda. It was such a good feeling to accomplish this on our own.

  3. Sounds like you are doing great!

  4. That shop has been recommended to us by Mexicans as you know they must be good!

  5. Brenda, I don't know if we're doing great, but we're managing.

    Joanne, you're right. Recommendations from the locals are always a good sign.


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