Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Repair

When we arrived, we discovered that the screen on the front door, as well as the big slider in the front room, had some tears along the edges. We went uptown and bought new screening and tools so Sr B could replace the old screens. He started on the big slider.

First things first...remove the handle so he could remove the old screen. Uh oh! The handle is riveted on, not screwed on. Without the proper tool, he was hooped.

So he got in touch with the screen guy that another resident here has used and recommended. Mario came yesterday afternoon to give us a quote and said his guys would be here today at 10am. Ten thirty is close



The upper and lower screens were replaced, 3 "hip check" bars added, a new clip and a new latch put on (we have no idea what happened to the old latch. It was gone when we arrived). The screen on the slider was sagging, like someone had leaned into it, and this has caused the tears along the edge. The guys were able to tighten it up instead of having to replace the screen.  It took the 2 guys about an hour and a half. Our cost? 400 pesos.

Sr B forgot to tell Mario that we already had screening. If they'd used it, our cost likely would have been a bit lower.

I only have one minor complaint, and this was our fault for not saying anything at the time. Those hip check bars? Yours truly is short. When I use my hip to stop the door, it hits about 2 inches below the lowest bar. Oh well. The door has stood up to 3.5 years use, so I'm sure it'll be fine. I *could* get them to add another bar or two, but then it'll look like a prison door. I figure by the time we need to replace the screens again, it'll be time for a new door and then I can get the bars placed where I need them.

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