Sunday, March 17, 2013

What We Got Here is Failure to Communicate

"You wanna go get groceries?" he asks.

Yeah, sure.

"You wanna try the new Soriana's?" he asks after we get downtown.

Um, ok. (It's across from the Bodega and we've never taken the bus there but we figure it out).

"We should stock up on some things and take a cab home," he says.

Um, I only brought 2 bags because I thought we were going to our regular store downtown and we only take two bags when we go there.

"I should get a bottle of rum," he says.

No, you can't. I only brought as much money as what an average shopping trip costs. Had I known the plan was to buy more than usual, I would have brought more money.

He looked like a little kid who had been told he couldn't have a candy bar and I felt like his mom. GAAHH!!

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